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Give more than take.

eQuotNow gives back to the community.

Our goal is to promote e-mobility and we intend to actively help shape the turnaround in traffic through our service.

We make our entire commission, minus the costs to be covered, available for the expansion of the charging infrastructure. We don't have to work profit-oriented because there is no investor behind us.


We also offer our users the opportunity to donate part of their premium.

With you as a partner we can move more!

Expansion of the charging infrastructure.

With each application for the GHG quotas and eBonus we receive a small commission to cover our maintenance costs.

We donate every cent that is left over to expanding the charging infrastructure.

follow us on Instagram, to get a look behind the scenes.

Donations for environmental protection.

You can donate part of your reward in the app. If you decide to protect the environment, your premium will go to a climate protection project run by the non-profit organization "Effective donations". 

She specializes in ensuring that your donation can have the greatest possible impact. Based on current research results, including those from Nobel Prize winners, they present the world's most promising aid organizations.

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